The Ultimate ​Career Guide for ​Women in Tech

Women have undoubtedly made strides in ​tech representation, but the journey towards ​true equity is far from over. In her ​groundbreaking book, Adrienne Wilkins unveils ​the secrets to unlocking your tech career ​potential - empowering you to get promoted, ​increase your income, and establish yourself ​as a respected leader in the field.

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Build a laser-focused career development plan ​with the Master Build Accelerate workbook for ​women in tech, free access with any book ​purchase. Skip the guesswork and get straight to ​the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

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What you’ll learn

Whether you're an aspiring tech professional or established in your career, but looking to take ​your accomplishments to the next level, this comprehensive blueprint gives women the tools, ​strategies, and practical guidance they need to navigate the corporate landscape.

In this book, you will gain:

  • CONFIDENCE to overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt
  • ASSURANCE in your unique superpower and strengths
  • SKILLS to establish influence, impact and visibility
  • STRATEGY to produce an actionable career development plan
  • FRAMEWORKS to create, quality ambitious goals
  • INSIGHT on the art of sponsorship and networking
  • CLARITY on how to advance your career
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About the author

Adrienne is an executive coach with a passion ​for empowering women in tech to break ​through glass ceilings and achieve their ​career goals. With nearly two decades of ​experience navigating the corporate world, ​she has honed her skills at Google, the Central ​Intelligence Agency, NASA, and several Fortune ​500 companies.

As a certified Extreme Execution coach and a ​proud member of the International Association ​for Coaching®, Adrienne has guided countless ​women in transforming their career ​trajectories and establishing themselves as ​exceptional leaders.

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